Wednesday, 16 April 2014

New Tech: HTC One M8 Set to Hit Various Telstra Shops in Melbourne

Numerous established Telstra shops in Melbourne and all other cities have accepted pre-orders for the phone, along with offering call and text plans. The HTC One M8 is a direct sequel to the previous HTC One, released last year, and is anticipated to be a huge step up from its predecessor.

One of the fine features of the M8 that captured the attention of consumers is its predominantly metal frame (aluminium), which was introduced in last year’s HTC One and was significantly improved for this year. Indeed, the M8 can be considered as the refined version of the HTC One. Designers retouched almost every aspect of the HTC One to come up with a better, finer model – the M8. For instance, the edges and contours were smoothened out for a more comfortable grip, and the handset was given a brushed texture with a smooth, clear coating for a more high-end appeal.

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