Monday, 14 April 2014

First Aid Solutions for a Water-Damaged Melbourne Samsung Smartphone

15 seconds is an eternity in terms of allowing non-waterproof phones submerged in water. Chances are, the water would’ve already worked its way into the critical electronic circuitry of the device by then. Normally, these types of situations would require professional Samsung phone repairs in Melbourne. But for those people who can’t get a hold of a pro yet, there are ways to save the phone from being perpetually ruined. It is important to take note that not all the solutions to be mentioned assure permanent fixes.

First, do not turn on the device, and immediately remove the battery. Turning on a water-damaged phone can cause current to circulate and short the phone out. Turning the phone immediately back on will fry the circuit board, and all hopes of saving it will be lost. After taking away the phone’s power source, allow it to air dry. Remember to not use a blow dryer as the heat would definitely damage the electronics.

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