Monday, 15 September 2014

Why You Should Get an Android Phone from a Telstra Shop in Melbourne

We live in the age of smartphones. By now, a significant percentage of mobile users in the Land Down Under operate a smartphone on a daily basis. With plenty of choices from different brands, it can be hard to choose a phone that will best suit your needs. In an article for Business Insider, Steve Kovach shared his thoughts on the advantages of buying an Android phone. According to Kovach, the most favorable feature of an Android phone—such as one that can be purchased from a Telstra shop in Melbourne–is that it is highly-customisable. The Android operating system is a very open platform: From tweaking the appearance of the homescreen to designing a custom ROM, an Android device can be anything that a user wants it to be. Android units are designed to accommodate apps that can customise nearly every aspect of the phone, unlike in other devices that are stuck with their particular designs. One can change the keyboard, add widgets, and edit the phone’s theme almost in a flash.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Choosing the Perfect Smartphone for You from Melbourne Telstra Shops

BlackBerry phones are considered the ultimate business devices. They are small compared to other smartphones, thus making it easier for users to be mobile. BlackBerry phones are popular for their e-mail organisation system and physical keypad that facilitates faster typing. Without being overly flashy, these rugged and high-performance devices feature state-of-the-art encryption capabilities that can deliver a more secure mobile experience. If you don’t prefer touchscreens or if you are someone who works with sensitive information, then the BlackBerry lineup is for you. To stay connected in this interactive age, visit established Telstra dealers in Melbourne to check out these brands and get your own through an affordable payment plan.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Owners Can Get Phone Repair Services from Melbourne Samsung Shops

Samsung is known to elevate the standards of smartphone technology with every launch of a new mobile device model. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was the first wearable device made available to the market. And with the Galaxy S5, they seek to raise the bar even higher by prompting other brands to incorporate useful features such as resistance to fluids. However, even though Galaxy S5 is designed with such a feature, this does not mean that the product line is fully water proof. These devices are merely resistant to water up to a certain point, and going beyond this will still result into damage. This is why users should always be cautious with their phones. To ensure effective repairs, Melbourne Samsung device owners must seek only established phone professionals upon experiencing smartphone problems.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Mobile Phone Repairs from Melbourne Shop Needed for Affordable Devices

The presence of more affordable smartphones, however, is not without its problems: Just like products from the industry leaders, these devices are also prone to damage, breakdowns, and malfunctions. While purchasing these will cost less than buying from more established brands, seeking repair services for these devices might be problematic. Fortunately, many shops that offer reliable mobile phone repairs in Melbourne, such as Telco World Corp. Pty. Ltd., specialise in troubleshooting and conducting overhauls of mobile devices. These businesses offer the assistance of their experienced technicians who regularly study and apply the latest industry practices. These professionals also employ techniques that result into quick and satisfying services.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Melbourne iPhone Screen Repair Remains Likely Despite New Technology

In fact, ran a poll asking how many people have dropped their iPhones and an astonishing 75% responded that they have done so at least once. As such, iPhone screen repair in Melbourne remains a distinct possibility despite the state-of-the-art screen that the iPhone 6 sports. If you happen to drop your iPhone 6 and smash its screen, it’s best to approach screen replacement experts like TelcoWorld Corp. Pty. Ltd. These professionals offer repair services for older phones as well, such as iPhone 4 screen replacement for Melbourne clients. You can even mail in your smashed phone and have it delivered to your door after it’s been repaired.

Friday, 5 September 2014

Bad Fido! Pets Can Lead to iPhone Repairs for Melbourne Residents

SquareTrade established the breakdown of the damage as such: 20% is caused by peeing or vomiting, 60% is due to chewing, and the remaining 20% is a result of a pet knocking a gadget down the toilet or spilling a drink on it. The report also shed light on the particular culprits: it appears that dogs are twice as likely to cause an accident as cats. Furthermore, smartphones are their most common victims. While no local insurance company has conducted a similar survey, many Australians are no doubt familiar with this scenario. Sadly, few insurers, if any, offer coverage against the havoc that your four-legged companions might cause. As such, your only resort will be to get iPhone repairs in Melbourne.