Friday, 28 November 2014

Tips on Buying a Mobile Phone Plan from a Telstra Shop in Melbourne

Telstra, for instance, offers an array of affordable mobile plans for personal and business use as well as ultra-fast wireless internet connections from coast to coast. Interested subscribers can visit an authorised Telstra shop in Melbourne such as TelcoWorld Pty Ltd for a great selection of mobile phone plans and smartphones. Ask about warranties It is also best to enquire with a Telstra store in Melbourne as to the warranties being offered, which should come in handy should a smartphone ever malfunction.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Telstra in Melbourne to Unveil 4GX Mobile Data Network in January 2015

Melbourne residents who want in on doubly fast LTE internet connections can look for Telstra dealers in Melbourne such as TelcoWorld Corp Pty, Ltd that offer mobile phone and landline plans as well as bundles that enable subscribers to enjoy the full potential of such fast wireless internet speeds. Mobile phone plans and bundles are available not only for single users but also for businesses. Corporate users, for instance, can sign up for business plans with authorised Melbourne Telstra dealers such as TelcoWorld Corp. Pty, Ltd that offer flexible allowances for standard national calls anywhere from Australia.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Melbourne Samsung Smartphones: Troubleshooting Galaxy S5 Camera Issues

Inoyori offers a couple of troubleshooting tips to alleviate such nuisances. For instance, to help the S5’s camera perform faster during brightly lit photo ops, the user can turn off the Photo Stabilisation feature by clicking the gear icon located either on the top or bottom left side of the camera app and then close the Photo Stabilisation app. Once the Photo Stabilisation app has been closed, users should see a notable boost in performance. As for the error prompt, Digital Trends says that restarting the unit is often all it takes to care of the problem. If the error prompt still appears, however, then users should go the App Manager, select to Force Stop the Camera App, Clear Cache, and Clear Data. Melbourne Samsung dealers such as TelcoWorld Corp Pty Ltd suggest uninstalling third-party apps and saving pictures on a different Micro SD card, especially if the issue has to do with the phone’s internal memory.

Friday, 21 November 2014

HTC Repair in Melbourne: No Phone Too Complicated for the Experts

The upside of this seamless design is that parts are less likely to shatter when the device hits the ground. However, no amount of shielding can protect sensitive electronics from a well-placed smack on the pavement. One way or another, the phone has to be dismantled to locate the problem and repair it. Intricate Process Fortunately, Melbourne HTC repair centres such as TelcoWorld are capable of fixing virtually all phone and tablet models. All they need from you is a little patience.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Why Screen Protectors Can’t Replace iPhone Screen Repair in Melbourne

With Gorilla Glass 4 making its debut late November, screen protectors may soon be redundant, however. Yet even with increasingly sophisticated glass manufacturing technology and the best screen protectors in place, smartphone screens can still sustain damage due to factors not arising out of factory defects. Fortunately, trusted Melbourne iPhone screen repair centres can replace broken screens with ease. Some mobile phone repair experts—such as TelcoWorld, for instance—even offer express same-day repair services for a premium as well as pick-up services. Whether you need iPhone 6 or iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne on an urgent basis, you can count on a repair services provider such as TelcoWorld to restore your phone’s functionality within a reasonable amount of time.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The iPhone 6: New Features, Same Need for iPhone Repairs in Melbourne

Many causes of smartphone damage like accidental drops or immersion in water can void manufacturer warranties. If your iPhone 4 wasn’t so lucky to have survived either of these incidents, though, don't worry. You can bring it to a service centre like TelcoWorld that offers quality iPhone repairs in Melbourne involving anything from cracked screens to impacted electronics. If you would rather not be inconvenienced while your phone is out of commission, then it would make sense to look for a repair centre that offers various service options.