Friday, 22 November 2013

Reliable Mobile Phone Repairs in Melbourne Prevent Permanent Damage

"The advancement of technology has helped make mobile phones the more convenient way of communicating. In fact, it is normal for parents to consider giving their children mobile phones for easier communication nowadays. However, users are still unable to fix various problems with their phones, leading them to visit experts on mobile phone repairs in Melbourne like TelcoWorld Corporation. For instance, most people have experienced dropping their mobile phone in the water accidentally, resulting in corroded parts and at times, completely destroying the phone. To guide mobile phone users, an article posted on the ABC News website discusses what mobile phone users should do in order to dry their phone once it gets wet and how to prevent it from getting wet in the future."

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Avoid Smartphone Wear and Tear with Quality iPhone Repair in Melbourne

"Of course, Australians don’t only turn to their smartphones for their online shopping needs. They accomplish many other tasks using their smartphones, including sending text messages or e-mails and connecting to social networks. With all the functions available, these gadgets are bound to succumb to wear and tear due to excessive use. The iPhone 4, for instance, is a smartphone where users are bound to experience a problem or two, and iPhone repair in Melbourne is required. A common problem with the iPhone is something that is largely associated with any touchscreen device: the glass easily scratches. Buying a screen protector can help in this area. However, when there is glass breakage because users dropped their iPhones, it’s time for an iPhone 4 screen replacement in Melbourne to get the screen back to its tip-top condition. For their benefit, users should turn to iPhone repair specialists so the issue can be dealt with appropriately."

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Telstra Melbourne Dealers to Offer Long-term Evolution Broadcast Soon

"Although mobile video is popular for mobile broadband networks, many users find one huge downside to it: most of the content is delivered via over-the-top players and unicast channels. Not only does this take up a lot of mobile network bandwidth, but this prevents operators from monetizing the service beyond charging for the amount of data consumed, as well. LTE-B could be the answer to these issues faced by mobile operators like Telstra and Telstra Melbourne dealers like TelcoWorld. Based upon evolved MultimediaBroadcast Multicast Service (eMBMS), LTE-B replaces burdensome unicast content delivery with a broadcast mode. According to the article, this is what is referred to as a single broadcast data stream, which can deliver the same content to a multitude of mobile users within a specific area. Qualcomm and Ericsson, which supplied the equipment for Telstra’s trials, showed that an LTE-B service area can cover anything from a few cells to an entire country."

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Find Trusted Providers of iPhone Repairs in Melbourne for Wet iPhones

"Who doesn’t bring his iPhone to the bathroom? Indeed, Apple’s ever-handy set of gadgets have reached the point where it is almost an inseparable part of human life, yet this fact only means that it has become more prone to damage and wear, particularly water damage. Here are some basic tips on iPhone repairs in Melbourne for when it takes a suicide plunge: Don’t Turn It On Much like a trusted friend who fell on his face right in front of you, instinct will almost immediately tell you to check up on his condition. Whatever you do, though, always resist the urge to turn on your iPhone right after you’ve fished it out of the toilet or bathtub (turn it off immediately if it’s already on). Doing this only serves to ensure that water will damage the electronic components inside."