Wednesday, 30 September 2015

iPhone Repair Tips: First Aid for Overheating and Sudden Battery Drain

Technicians who perform iPhone repairs around locales such as Melbourne deal with a few concerns that are all too familiar: broken screens, phones that don’t charge, and waterlogged units. In the same breath, there’s also overheating and battery drain—two issues that seem to coincide on specific occasions as well. First, the heating issue. There are times when an iPhone feels a bit warmer than it should, and there are times when it gets hot enough to ‘hurt’ the user a bit. iPhone smartphones are essentially handheld computers sporting hardware that’s almost similar to your desktop PC’s; they’re just much smaller. Unlike PC components, though, iPhone parts don’t have a fan to cool them down, running the risk of overheating.

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Need the New Samsung Galaxy S6 in Melbourne? Check Out a Telstra Shop

Many consumers consider smartphones an essential everyday gadget. It speedily connects them to the rest of the world at their own convenience, and it is becoming quite difficult to imagine how life used to be before the advent of these devices. Across a diverse range of users, smartphones have helped to make life in the 21st century a more enjoyable experience. In keeping up with the current demand, smartphone manufacturers, like Apple, HTC and Samsung, continue to roll out new and improved phones yearly. One of the leading devices in the market this year is the Galaxy S6 from telecoms giant, Samsung.

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Leverage Telstra Broadband Plans for Your Small Business in Melbourne

All over the world, smart business owners are learning how to utilise the Internet to attract more clients, generate more sales, and stay ahead of the competition. For small and medium businesses, the Web effectively levels the playing field against much more established competitors as they can reach a wider audience and provide great service without spending as much as they would on traditional advertising. Many companies these days also use the Internet to speed up communications, transfer files, and facilitate everyday operations. These businesses require fast and reliable connections to reap more benefits in terms of cost and labour efficiency. Notable internet providers in Melbourne, such as Telstra, offer high-speed broadband services that small businesses can leverage for their success. Employees are able to send and receive large files, hold virtual video conferences, access critical applications, and even perform remote troubleshooting in real time.

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Samsung S5 Phones in Melbourne: Remarkable Features, Common Issues

With a bigger display and cool features, the Samsung Galaxy S5 brings in a whole new mobile experience for all types of users. As one of the newer smartphone releases, the Galaxy model never falls short in design with a sleek profile and perforated patterns. The Samsung phone’s new 5.1-inch HD AMOLED display aims to deliver the perfect viewing experience with more vivid, brighter colours that easily adapt to various light conditions. This means that you will see it dim a little if you’re in a dark place and brighten up when you’re under the sun. Since screen brightness is a large consumer of battery power, this technology is convenient in preserving or extending your battery life.

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Uncooked Rice Doesn’t Work, so Trust Only Mobile Phone Repair Services

No one wants to find his smartphone lying in a dirty puddle of water or, worse, on the toilet. We all know that this could happen, though, especially if you’ve been particularly careless or clumsy in handling your phone. If you find yourself in this unlucky situation, you might panic and turn to the legendary powers of uncooked rice to help your phone turn on again. Okay, so uncooked rice does expand when soaked in water so it’s likely absorbing the water around it. Sounds plausible. Rice may be effective in absorbing excess liquid from your phone, but can it totally make your phone dry? Could it bring your phone back to normal? Let’s look at this little experiment done in the U.S.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Can’t Solve Screen Flickering? An iPhone Screen Repair Centre Can Help

You’re minding your own business and simultaneously sending a text while listening to music when all of a sudden, your phone’s screen starts flickering. This is certainly annoying to a certain degree, but don’t forget that it may also be a harbinger of concerns regarding your phone, from simple issues to bigger underlying problems. If you own an iPhone, this situation can happen to you at any time. Flickering is something that several users of later models (specifically the iPhone 5) have complained about on forums and during their visits to iPhone screen repair shops in Melbourne in recent years.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Trust iPhone Repair Experts to Get to the Root of Your Battery Woes

Several factors can account for why an iPhone’s battery simply refuses to charge. By that time, you typically have no choice but to bring it to someone who is trained in iPhone repairs, in Melbourne or elsewhere, as well as battery replacement (since an iPhone’s battery can’t be replaced by an average user). Before your battery gets replaced, here are some steps that can be taken to try and sort the problem out. First, you may be dealing with a relatively simple (though easily overlooked) problem: a dirty Lightning Port. A good amount of dirt, lint, and other debris can accumulate inside the port and prevent the contacts from connecting perfectly. Any small tool, e.g. a toothpick or the sim card remover which came with your phone, may serve as a makeshift lint remover.