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8 Reasons to Get the New Samsung Galaxy S9

The official release of Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S9, is set for March 16th, 2018, but the smartphone was introduced at the World Mobile Conference (WMC) in Barcelona on February 25th, 2018 along with all its cutting-edge features. With 4 GB of RAM, 64 GB of storage space, and Samsung’s Exynos 9810 chipset, there’s no doubt it’s smarter and faster than its predecessors. It shoots better photos, has a sharper screen display, and has the finest speaker system on the smartphone market.

Whether you need a new phone or you want to stay at the leading edge of new technology, here are 8 reasons you should get the Samsung Galaxy S9.

1. Superior Display

DisplayMate has dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S9 as having the best smartphone high-definition display on the market. Samsung has called it “infinity display,” as the screen curves over the sides of the phone for a full edge-to-edge frame. It has a 18.5:9 display ratio and a pixel density of 570 pixels per inch (ppi) which shows stunning detail and provides a cinematic experience.

2. Dual Aperture Camera

Samsung has reinvented its camera system for its latest smartphone, which features the first-ever dual aperture camera on a phone. The sensor on the rear camera lets the lens control how much light it takes in, much like the pupils of your own eye, automatically enabling you to take brighter and clearer pictures in the dark without flash, and sharper pictures in bright daylight.

Of course, it has all the bells and whistles of Samsung’s previous version, including HDR, image stabilization, OIS, face ID and LED flash.

3. Stereo Speakers

The GS9 is the first Samsung smartphone with built-in stereo speakers. Its Harman stereo speakers supported by Dolby Atmos surround sound system and fine-tuned by AKG. The speakers play 1.4 times louder than previous Samsung Galaxy phones and the surround sound system creates a three-dimensional audio experience. Of course, this experience is limited to audio content that supports the format.

4. AR Emoji

Augmented Reality (AR) Emoji is Samsung’s response to the iPhone X’s Animoji. Using the GS9’s front camera, you can create your own personalized 3D animated emoji-like avatars that follow your movements and facial expressions. You can change the hair, clothing and other features of your animated emoji’s appearance before saving it. Then, you can send it in texts or post it on third-party apps, like social media networks, as GIFs. This is a notch up from Animoji, which only lets you send personalized emojis through the iPhone’s messenger app. On apps that don’t support animated GIFs, you can still post your personal emoji as a still image.

Another thing AR Emoji does is let you turn your selfie into a personalized Disney or Pixar character, including Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and superheros from the Incredibles.

5. Improved Power Efficiency

The Galaxy S9 contains the same 3,000mAh cell battery as the Galaxy S8, but the GS9’s upgraded processing technology makes it more power efficient and faster to charge. Also, the phone comes with its own unique charger which offers faster charging than standard chargers. Alternatively, it can be charged wirelessly using its charging pad, which props the phone up at a comfortable angle for using it.

6. Ergonomic Fingerprint Sensor Placement

After Samsung received many complaints about the placement of its fingerprint sensor used to unlock the Galaxy S8, it moved the sensor from next to the camera to a more ergonomic placement under the camera. The sensor is easier and faster to reach, so you can unlock your phone a lot more naturally.

Besides using your fingerprint, you can also unlock your phone using a password, pin or pattern. Alternatively, use the phone’s built-in Intelligent Scan, which combines facial recognition and iris sensor.

7. Improved Artificial Intelligence (Bixby)

Samsung’s artificial intelligence platform, Bixby, which was featured in the GS8, has been upgraded for the GS9. It provides several augmented reality features you can use with its camera. Its Live Translation feature, powered by artificial intelligence, lets you translate words in a foreign language instantly into your own language just by pointing the camera at them. By showing the camera each nutrition label from the foods you eat, the phone can track the calories you’re consuming each day. Point the camera at your surroundings, and it can tell you the name and address of your location.

On the beauty front, you can use the GS9’s front camera to apply different makeup products to your face and view them with augmented reality. It works like Snapchat filters by layering makeup over your face, so you can try on products any time or place without having to clean up. Samsung partnered with ModiFace to integrate this technology into its camera, so if you’ve ever used Sephora’s app to virtually test makeup products, you’ve used this technology before.

8. Improved Video Capture with Slow Motion Feature

The G69’s camera features noise reduction for video capture, and for the first time on a smartphone, you can use a slow-motion feature to capture video at 960 frames per second. This lets you capture details that would be missed by other phone cameras; in fact, it can display the splash of a water droplet or the burst of a bubble in stunning detail. Video capture also has action-detection, which activates the Super-Slow-mo features upon detecting movement.

Once a video is captured, it’s saved in video format and as shareable GIFs that allow you to add effects, loop them, and reverse them. You can set one of these GIFs as your phone’s wallpaper.

Should you get Samsung’s latest smartphone? If you care about significantly improving the quality of the photos you take and share on through your phone, there’s no better phone on the market. It’s also best for streaming high-quality video and audio at high speeds. Made to out-do Apple’s latest iPhone X, the Samsung Galaxy S9 may be the most top-notch smartphone on the market today. Ultimately, its users will decide but you can stop by your nearest Samsung Melbourne store and compare the S9 with other models to see what you think.


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Monday, 26 March 2018

Choosing the Best Mobile Plan for Your Business

It goes without saying that while looking for an ideal business phone, you need a perfect plan. You need the one that accommodates your calls, texts, and data adequately and ensures full customers satisfaction. Most business owners in Australia are replacing their landlines phones and shifting to mobile options. They no longer view the use of cell phones as an extravagance. However, while it may seem like shopping for a business phone is a straightforward task, the truth is that it can be hectic as there are numerous phones and plans options. The following tips will help you choose the most excellent mobile plan for your business.

Consider phone functionality

Nowadays there are new types of business phones, and most providers offer business phones that do more than just calls. There are other features such as voice-activated dialing, text messaging, Internet connection, music, photos, and videos. These features are designed to give consumers exciting options and ways to enjoy using the phone. However, when choosing the right phone for your business, you need to ask yourself if you need all those features. Check if skipping any of them will help you save on costs by doing a quick needs analysis and if yes, then choose the essential elements and get a phone that matches up. For example, selecting the one without an Internet browsing option may help you save on the cost of bundles. Therefore, the functionality of the phone is the first thing to put in consideration.

Check the service plans on the phone

The service plan is the primary saving plan. Never purchase a plan that includes more than what you need. Also, never let the temptations of buying an unlimited service plan get into you. It may seem like an excellent plan but eventually may frustrate you especially when it comes to paying the bills. Always put in mind that the role of the marketer is to convince people to buy the plans and will probably land to you with a low-priced plan which will seem like an excellent way to save money. But think about what you want and what will help you deliver your services without letting the price of the plan deceive you. Get a mobile plan that you can comfortably afford but at the same time has the ideal facilities for you.

Consider competition

Just like any other products, you do not purchase from the first salesperson that comes at your doorstep. You need to do some research and get quotes from several providers and choose the most flexible one that fits your needs. While some salespersons may insist that they cannot reach a competitor’s price offer, you have the option to move to the next. Check the mobile’s features and how other people are saying about it as this will help you know if it is a good business phone that can help you serve your customers right. It will also help you decide if it is worth the quoted price.

Check the mobile contract

Some business owners do not know that the length of cell phone service contracts is negotiable and they end up settling for the first offer they get. Although it may take time and someone with strong negotiating skills to get better deals, it does not hurt to try. You may be lucky to negotiate a four-year contract down to two years. The best deals involve a short contract with a highly discounted price, but at times, the price is raised if the agreement is reduced. Depending on what you want, you may choose if you want to pay more for a shorter contract, or less for a lengthy one. Ensure that your budget can handle the deal that you wish.

Ensure to check its coverage

Every business phone service provider offers differentiated coverage; therefore, a company that may seem to be great in one city in Australia may be awful in the next. It all depends on the consumer’s needs. The best way to ensure that you find the best is by asking around. You may also borrow your partner’s mobile and use it in the place where you intend to have the setup and know if it will work for you. Some providers will also offer you the try before buying option without any obligation service. The period provided depends on the length of the contract. Also, you may know if the provider is genuine through trusted referrals as excellent customer services are always reflected in customer loyalty.

Consider your credit

Your credit score plays a vital role in determining the value of plans available to you. If you have a good credit score, you can walk to any provider, and get the best deals without any cash out of your pockets. It means that they trust you. An individual with a poor credit score cannot be presumed with items on credit as the provider is not sure if they will get paid. Also, ensuring that you have a healthy and stable relationship with your current cell service plan provider will do you good. You can achieve that by making sure that you are always paying your bills on time and that you shop there regularly. The provider is likely to consider you first when you want to get a new phone with a new plan.

The bottom line is that you must have the right knowledge if you wish to have the best cell phone for your business. Make sure to get a flexible plan too. This means that you can change it from time to time if you feel that it does not reach your expectations. Check the billing information to determine if it fits your budget. Take your time to understand the plan that you need and never rush into the first option that you see. Have an accurate picture of what want first.

We can help you by answering any questions that you may have about the best business phones and offer you the right one. The best part is that we take care of the installation too as we aim to see your business activities run smoothly without any downtime. Contact us today for assistance, and we will be glad to help. Come visit us at one of our Telstra Shops in Melbourne today.


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Friday, 23 March 2018

8 Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Smartphone

Smartphones have become an inescapable part of modern life. From learning in school to becoming more productive at work to simply enjoying ourselves, smartphones have found application in every part of life.

In fact, a study conducted in 2015 estimates that we will likely spend one-third of our lives looking at one screen or the other. Needless to say, smartphones are being put to a lot of work on a daily basis.

As a result of this, smartphones are susceptible to wear and tear due to use. On top of this, there are a number of daily habits most people engage in that actually damage and shorten the lifespan of their smartphones.

1. Letting your phone overheat constantly: It is a running joke that people these days never put down their phones and that at work, school, home or even during conversations, smartphones are always being put to use.

This is, however, very accurate, as phones, due to their every expanding applications and capabilities, are always in use.
However, this often results in phones overheating due to excessive use. This isn’t good for phones as repeated overuse wears out the life of the battery quicker.

To avoid this, use your smartphone in moderation, avoid applications that tend to cause overheating, and if your phone does get hot, don’t use it for a while.

2. Performing too many installations: It is truly amazing the number of functions a modern smartphone can carry out. From simple calculations to storing years worth of memories, there are few things it cannot do.

Unfortunately, many users take advantage of this to the fullest, often with unpleasant results. Many smartphone users make a ridiculous number of downloads, be it apps, music, or pictures.

This results in the phone’s memory capacity being stretched to the limit, and as a result, the phone becomes slower in performance and will likely start crashing.

To avoid this, do not download a large number of unnecessary files and delete all unnecessary downloads if your phone memory is depreciating.

3. Restarting your phone too often: Smartphones come with their own unique problems, from crashing apps to glitches in the software.

A quick web search of many phone problems often brings up the recommendation of restarting it. Because this advice is so common, when most smartphone users encounter problems with their phones, they often restart the device before attempting any other solution.

While this actually can helping in solving some common phone problems, constantly restarting a smartphone can damage it in the long run.

To avoid this, restart a smartphone only when it is absolutely necessary and seek out other solutions before opting for it.

4. Exposing it to extreme temperatures: It is recommended that smartphones not be exposed to extreme temperatures, whether direct sunlight of below freezing temperatures.

This advice is however is often ignored by many users. Perhaps because smartphones are taken virtually everywhere with us, but they are often left in unsuitable temperatures. This includes direct sunlight while outdoors or freezing temperatures both inside and outside.

Because smartphones are so durable these days, it is easy to forget that anything outside the recommended temperature can easily damage the hardware of the phone and shorten its lifespan.

5. Dropping your phone constantly: Due to inevitable human error, phones get dropped at one point or the other.

As time has gone on, smartphones have been built to withstand falls and drops. It has even become a popular internet challenge to see which phone model can withstand the most drops from various heights.

Regardless of this, it is important to note that phones can and will get damaged from repeated drops and falls. While phone pouches and cases can help break these falls, repeated impact with hard surfaces can lead to cracked screens, chipped bodies, malfunctioning and irreversible damage to the phone over time.

It is therefore imperative for phone users to avoid dropping phones so as to prolong their lifespan.

6. Suspicious downloads: Whether it is pictures or videos, all smartphone users have made one download or the other to their phones, sometimes on a daily basis.

While this is one of the benefits of smartphones, this must be done with caution to avoid malware and viruses which can corrupt files and cause malfunction. The easiest way to prevent this is to only make downloads from reputable sources.

For apps, only make downloads from the official app store for your smartphone and never from shady websites online. Songs, videos, and pictures should also be downloaded from reputable sources, and also be wary of what you download from messaging apps.

7. Damaging the charging port: One of the easiest parts of a phone to damage is the charging port.

This is because most people don’t give much attention to the charging port when making use of it. As a result of this, most people tend to simply jam the charging cable into the charging port without much consideration.

When you consider how many times a phone is charged in a day and then over its lifetime, it’s obvious that charging ports endure a lot of abuse when not handled properly.

By doing this, you can very easily damage your phone’s charging port and then have to repair it. Sometimes the damage done cannot be repaired at all.

8. Not updating your software: Periodically, there will be a new software update that is released on your smartphone by the developers. Many users neglect to make these updates, often postponing them for weeks and months at a time.

Unfortunately, this procrastination can actually damage your phone in the long run as more and more features will become difficult to enjoy normally as your phone’s OS will become incompatible with many new apps.

In some cases, phone users who refuse to update for very long periods of time find themselves unable to do and having to resort to a factory reset as the phone cannot function anymore.

While smartphones are a part of everyday life, smartphone damage does not have to be.

However, without knowing it, many people damage their smartphones every day and shorten their lifespan. By avoiding these small habits, you can lengthen your phone’s lifespan and prevent damage because if you don’t avoid these subtle, daily habits, then your phone may end up in a mobile phone repair shop, or you may end up having to replace your device.


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How Telco Business Services Can Help Your Business

Like most businesses, you have communications needs that must be met and you need a solid partner who can help. We have come up with many ways to help you get what you need, and we can show you what is possible by providing you with the services you require. Should you choose to work with us to help you in the four key areas of business communications, we will do what we can get your company wired for sound and communication in all phases of business.

Below are some of the key areas we can help with and how.

Improve Your Mobile Broadband

We provide mobile broadband through our Telstra service, and you can connect to it in any place where you have access to a Telstra signal. We give you the best connection you will ever had when you are working in the field to help you stay connected to your staff no matter where you are. Our team wants you to have a simple way to connect to the Internet using a mobile device which is why you will get a 3G connection that allows your workers to do their job while out in the field.

TelcoWorld provides superior coverage inside buildings so that you will not constantly lose your signal, which means fewer interruptions when inside various building types. We have strengthened our mobile broadband so that you get the service you pay no matter what. Your phones and tablets will work no matter where you are and you can connect over the strongest 3G signal Australia has to offer. Your firm can get the tablets and smartphones they need as part of your business package to ensure your team will always stay connected.

The coverage and quality connection you have could help make your business more efficient will give your staff the complete confidence they need to get their job done. It is not always easy to get certain jobs completed due to the fact that it is not easy getting phones or tablets working in certain locations. Telco World’s business services are ready to help your business perform better.

Business Phone Systems To Outfit Your Office

Business phone systems are vital if you want your office to be operational during the day. Your workers need a reliable phone system to help them accomplish their work which means a mediocre phone system will most likely not help them effectively complete their daily tasks. Purchasing a business phone system and bundling your services will not only help your staff get their jobs done right, but it will also save your firm money in the long run.

The phone systems that we can provide to you will have all of the features your business needs. Whether it is start of the art phone equipment or calling features, Telco World will most likely have the plan for you. We understand that your business will most likely need conference calling, individual mailboxes, and as well as other options, so we’ve created different packages to help suit the needs of your business.

Our phone systems are set up on a VoIP platform which allows you to purchase phones that have video screens so you can also take advantage of additional features such as video conferencing and a touchscreen interface to help you save time. A bundled business phone system and service package could help you save money, however, our plan and pricing offers do vary and should be reviewed and compared in person at a local Telstra Store in Melbourne so you can ensure your questions are answered on the spot.

We know how difficult it can be to decide what kind of business phones you will need, and we can show you the ins and outs of how to use VoIP.

Business Data Services

Our business data services are unique because they allow you to have a large data network right where you do most of your work. You already spend a lot of time every day in your office hoping to make money, but it is difficult to accomplish your daily tasks and goals if your network is either slow or down. Telstra is known for their strong connection, so you will can expect to get the strong network connection you need and we can set up a data system in your office that will broadcast to every device you use.

Ensuring you’re connected is vital for your company because it ensures that you will stay connected to all phones, tablets, and computers while providing the same great service to your clients and customers. We want you to be happy with the signal that you get in any part of the building, and you will find that you may expand the services at any time if you contact us. We are happy to help you ensure that you can spread out your signal, and we can add these services to another office if needed.

Business data is something that you need when you set your employees out to complete certain tasks. You will find that your employee’s will be much more efficient in their work if they are using the proper data services, and we will move quite quickly to help you save time and money to get your started.

Business Mobility Services

Having access to a set of quality phones and devices from the brand of your choosing, will make a world of difference to you and your company. You may choose from Android and Apple devices, or even Blackberry if that works best for your company operations.

Our packages also allow businesses to monitor and control staff usage which means you can keep more money in your pocket. Your staff will all be on the same page and ready to accomplish their work. Mobility services are the hallmark of many companies because many businesses require their team members to carry phones and be reachable while out in the field. Making sure everyone is on the same page in terms of communication will help keep your business operations running smoothly, day and night.
Make a Decision

We are here to help answer any questions about your product needs and we will show you how we can help integrate our products into your business. You will be given a list of all the things that you can do with the services we offer and we will handle installation and set up, if necessary. We will also train your staff on how to use the devices and your new network.

The Telstra Network

Telstra is a powerful network we use to give you the best signal possible and is known as the fastest network in Australia. A business needs fast and reliable upload and download speeds in order to perform business activities well. Our team of experienced professionals are ready to demonstrate the difference our services could make in your business.

Portable Data

You may use our portable data solutions when you feel the need to take your office with you. We know that you have a lot of work to do each day and it is not always possible for you to manage your business on the go unless you have a reliable network. VoIP and other remote business features will allow you and your team to stay in touch and operate your business as if you were all sitting in your place of business or office. Access files, data, voicemail messages, answer customer phone calls, and so much more, whether you’re at home in your slippers or abroad in a hotel room.

Satellite Phones

Satellite phones are an important part of managing a company and you may find that you will need to work in a number of different locations. There are locations that are simply inaccessible to any network which is why the use of a satellite phone may be necessary at times. Special satellite phone services will let you place calls from literally anywhere in the world. Not all businesses require this capability but it is an option for businesses that conduct some of their operations in more remote locations.

TelcoWorld has business services to suit your business needs and we invite you to try out our services for yourself. No matter your business needs, we can help your business acquire business phones, cell phones, tablets as well as data and bundled plans that will keep your office functioning no matter what. Contact the professionals at TelcoWorld, your local Melbourne Telstra dealers.


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Your Smartphone: More Versatile Than You Thought

Smartphones are so useful for one primary reason: Their versatility. When most people first get a smartphone, they tend to focus on the included apps or try out a few games they’ve heard of. However, many don’t realize just how much they can really do with there phones. In this post, we outline a few ways your smartphone is more useful than you probably imagined.

Alternative Communication Options

Standard phone calls and text messages remain popular on smartphones. However, those who haven’t yet explored video chatting might want to give it a shot, as seeing the person you’re talking to can make a conversation more engaging. Included voice chat apps on smartphones can be useful, but also consider using Skype or other third-party apps that might include features not found on default apps. Google Hangouts and other problems also enable easier multi-party communication, which can make planning with multiple people far more convenient. Audio messages and various drawing-based communication apps can also serve as fun additions to your smartphone.

Make sure to check out pricing options, as third-party apps might, in some cases, be more expensive than integrated communication tools. Also, be aware of the difference between WiFi data and mobile data. In some cases, apps, especially those that rely on video, can consume a significant amount of mobile data, potentially leading to overage charges.

Gaming With Friends

The versatility of smartphones enables a new way to make the most of your device: Combining gaming and communication. Words With Friends is perhaps the most popular example of this phenomenon, and the laid-back nature of the game can make it easier to bond with friends and family even if you’re located across the country. Try out a broad range of games, as you never know which one will click with your contacts.

One of the best parts of mobile gaming is its accessibility. Although an older relative might not be interested in modern video games, many are likely familiar with classic board and card games. If you have a relative who enjoys rummy, chess, or nearly any other traditional game, there’s almost certainly a smartphone app that allows you to connect and play.


When it comes to learning, flashcards have long been a cornerstone. Learning some topics requires rote learning, and flashcards are a proven tool for ensuring you know the basic facts you need to succeed in class and in the real world. Fortunately, various flashcard apps provide a convenient way to spend some time learning across a range of fields. During our daily lives, we often find ourselves waiting, and smartphone flashcard apps offer a convenient way to make the most of free time.

Flashcard apps often provide online storage capabilities, so you can access your flashcards anywhere you have internet connectivity and share them across multiple devices. Furthermore, many programs also let you select flashcards other users have created, letting you explore various topics and learn new subjects. Applications can also track your progress, and some space out how often cards are displayed to maximize the user’s ability to retain this information.

To-Do Lists

It can sometimes feel like life is a constant battle to stay organized, and our lives are only becoming more complex as time passes. Although using a notepad can help create to-do lists and other organizational tools, smartphones provide a simple and convenient interface. It’s worth taking time to explore various options before settling on an organizational tool; Evernote, for example, offers a wide range of features, but some users might prefer a simpler tool.

Whatever you choose, however, being able to access your to-do information regardless of where you are can help you remember important tasks and avoid feeling overwhelmed. If you also use your computer for staying organized, look for apps that integrate with your existing programs. Integration with calendar tools, in particular, can serve as powerful combination for planning your day. Automatically setting alarms can also help you avoid missing out on important deadlines.

Office Tasks

Smartphone keyboards are great for writing text messages, but they tend to fall short when it comes to typing longer documents. However, simple Bluetooth keyboards can be used on all popular smartphones, and they bring the speed and comfort of keyboard typing to smart devices both large and small. Portable keyboard are easy to carry in a backpack or purse and take up less space than even the smallest laptops available, and they typically offer excellent battery life. Furthermore, smartphones offer mobile connectivity, letting you connect to cloud-enabled office suites regardless of your location.

Although laptops are still useful for many people, consider keeping a Bluetooth keyboard for impromptu typing sessions. When comparing keyboards, look for one that feels comfortable for your hands; a keyboard that’s too small might not be much better than using an on-screen keyboard. Many apps allow you to use a keyboard, but this support isn’t universal. Ensure your target apps can be used with a keyboard.

Streaming Video

Most people know that popular streaming apps, including Netflix and YouTube, are available on smartphones, but many don’t know that their devices can also stream content to televisions. Some devices can be connected directly to a television through specialized cables, providing easy access to gaming and watching video on a large screen. More popular, however, are devices such as Chromecast, which let you select a video and send it wirelessly to a screen. These devices are cheap and are each to connect with televisions that have an available HDMI port.

When away from home, smartphones and tablets can also work well as entertainment hubs. Consider trying out cases or stands that let you prop a device up so you don’t have to hold it, and consider investing in a pair of headphones so you can comfortably watch video while in public places. Remember, however, to keep an eye on mobile data usage if there isn’t a WiFi connection available.

Exploring Photography

No smartphone can match the fidelity of a high-quality modern digital camera, but modern devices provide shockingly good resolution and offer a distinct advantage: You’ll almost always have your mobile device on hand when you want to take a picture. Furthermore, the fundamentals of photography are the same regardless of what device you’re using to take pictures, so reading up on the art of photography can help you take excellent photos for yourself or to share with others.

When picking out a phone, learn about what cameras your devices offer. A growing number of phones now use multiple lenses for creating pictures, but they often use these lenses for different purposes. In addition, note that offering a higher-resolution image doesn’t necessarily mean that the phone will provide better pictures, so make sure to do a comparison. Fortunately, nearly all higher-end devices and most mid-tier devices offer excellent cameras, as do many lower-cost phones.

Creating Artwork

Whether you consider yourself an experienced artist or if you’re just curious about doodling, your smartphone’s artistic capabilities likely exceed your expectations. Touchscreens on modern devices offer far better accuracy than earlier smartphones, especially on devices that support a stylus. Studies have consistently shown that expressing yourself artistically has a number of benefits, and being able to pull out your phone or tablet whenever you have a few free moments can help you relax and explore your creative side.

Again, it’s worth exploring various apps for your phone, as some people are better served by simpler apps while others might prefer more complex features. It’s also worth thinking about artistic ambitions when shopping for a phone, as a higher resolution can help you create more detailed images. In particular, consider stepping up to a device that comes with a stylus, as the greater accuracy they can provide can enable you to try out new artistic styles.


Standalone e-readers are popular devices, but all popular online bookstores offer apps on smart devices, letting you access your books wherever you’re located. These books can typically be stored on your device, letting you access them even when mobile connectivity is not available. Smartphones all have backlit screens, so you can read even if it’s dark outside, and touch screens make it easy to change pages.

Take your time when exploring various shops for buying online books. Not all bookstores offer the same books, so make sure the types of material you’re interested in are available. Find out if you can copy books to other devices, as you may want to switch to an e-reader at some point in the future. Also, take time to explore various app features, as knowing how bookmarking works can change how you read and identify information you want to recall in the future.

Exploring Podcasts

Many people rely on radio for entertaining while driving to and from work, and talk radio is especially popular. Smartphones provide a great alternative: Podcasts. Few people have to opportunity to get into radio, as there simply aren’t enough stations available. Podcasts require only a microphone and simple sound editing software, so there are countless podcasts available. No matter what topic you’re interested in, there’s likely a podcast available. Although nonfiction podcasts are more common, check out various fictional podcasts, many of which bring back the long-forgotten radio dramas and radio plays of the past.

Most podcasts have websites with download links. However, podcast managers offer excellent convenience, as they make searching for new podcasts easier. They also let you automatically download episodes, so you can listen to downloaded content even when you don’t have an internet connection available. Although many podcasts run short ads, almost none have as many as typical radio stations. Speaking of radio stations, your favorite shows might be available in podcast form, letting you catch up on content you couldn’t listen to at first.

Working Remotely

More and more offices are now relying on the concept of the cloud, and many popular cloud platforms have interfaces available for mobile devices. The modern office is increasingly requiring workers to perform certain tasks while away from the office, and smartphone apps might provide a means to log in and perform work without having to pull out a laptop or head home.

Additionally, cloud-based platforms often offer web-based interfaces, letting you connect with any device that runs a web browser. For people who work with clients outside of an office setting, being able to load and enter information in a browser can lead to more efficient work. Many of these tools are great for small businesses, so if you own or work for one, explore options to see if a cloud platform can give you an edge on your competitors.

Interact With Connected Devices

The Internet of Things has skyrocketed in popularity, and a growing number of devices can now be controlled over networks or even the internet. If you’re looking to upgrade part of your home, check out if there are connected options available. Digital doorbells, in particular, have gained some popularity, as they let you view a video feed if someone is outside of your home, and they provide a way to talk to people delivering packages.

Another option to consider is home automation tools. Programmable heating and cooling systems let you lower your bills, and connected options let you make changes no matter where you are. If you’re stuck at work, for example, you can change the time your heating or cooling comes on so your home is comfortable when you arrive. Being able to control your home’s lighting can be useful as well, as setting your lights to come on at certain times can discourage would-be burglars from targeting your house.

Smartphones are nearly ubiquitous now, and studies show that the number of people who don’t use them will continue to fall in the coming years. However, their ability to run powerful software sometimes goes unrecognized and nearly all users will likely be surprised to find out just how much they can do with their devices. Fortunately, most these advantages are available for devices at all price points, so load up your app market and check out how your phone can improve your day-to-day life, spur your creativity, or help you connect with others.

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