Monday, 23 November 2015

Telstra Has The Lowest Amount Of Complaints Of All Major Telecommunication Companies, According To Ombudsman

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman have released the figures from a recent study on customer complaints. TIS found Telstra leading the pack, with only 6 complaints per 10,000 customers, from April to June 2015. Telstra attributes their success to paying attention to customers needs when they raise them. Telstra also do everything in their power to make sure nothing goes wrong in the first place, so customers never have to raise a complaint.Optus saw a huge rise in complaints the last twelve months. 8.5 complaints were registered per 10,000 customers, up from 5.2 last year. Optus credits the complaints to problems with landline and home internet, as well as keeping up with data usage. Optus also saw a drop in mobile users, decreasing from 9.3 million to 9.2 million customers.Cause For Comment Nearly half of the complaints registered with the TIS were about cell phones. Billing and payment was the most common area of dispute, followed by customer service. Other Common Complaints

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