Thursday, 7 May 2015

Melbourne Iphone Repair Service: Trim, Free up Space When iPhone Lags

If you have been vexed more than once about taking what you thought was going to be a great video only to find out too late there was no room to record, then don’t sulk around for the next fiasco to come around; it’s time to free up space before things get out of control, or take your phone to a Melbourne iphone repairs services to help you get it done fast. Old text messages, voice mails, podcasts, and audiobooks will choke up your phone’s storage space. Games, photo editors, and the latest cool apps do make a slow day a bit more interesting, but they consume space pretty fast. Go to your Settings and check for the list of apps that you have added over time, and how much space they’ve consumed. You’ll know then what to trim to clear space. To delete the app, simply tap the name and tap the “Delete App” button.

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