Thursday, 20 March 2014

Best of Both Worlds—Landline and Mobile Phones from Telstra Melbourne

Are you one of the many consumers thinking of abandoning your landline for a mobile device? Doing so will allow you to gain certain advantages. For instance, dealers of Telstra in Melbourne offer many different combinations of SMS, talk, and browsing to suit your needs and budget, features which you won’t likely find in basic landline services. However, going fully mobile may also allow you to lose some of the benefits of having a landline as well.

When deciding between a landline and mobile phone, you need to first evaluate your typical phone usage. Mobile phone plans typically have a limited number of minutes for calls, while most landline plans come with unlimited call minutes and cost much lower. Also, depending on where you live, you might not have a good enough call reception in your home, which can leave you susceptible to poor call quality and dropped calls.

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