Saturday, 12 October 2013

Melbourne iPhone Repairs: A Practical Solution While Australia Awaits Apple Trade-In Program

In the International Business Times early in September, Athena Yenko explained how the Apple trade-in program supports the environment, helps their customers, and benefits the company itself. The program allows previous-generation iPhone owners to present their devices for trade-in scores which they can use to obtain a brand new unit. However, an Apple Australia representative stated that this program is still not available in the country at present. The article says that Apple launched the program for customers to have a cheaper alternative to the expensive repair costs for their existing handsets. The owners' trade-in scores will depend on the condition of their phones and will reduce the total amount they need to buy a new one. Australian customers, however, will have to wait for further updates. Those with damaged handsets can try looking for companies who specialise in Melbourne iPhone repairs to have issues with their devices fixed.

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